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About Accent Solutions, LLC

Jaime Wales, owner of Accent Solutions, LLC received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees  in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Wilkes University and Syracuse University respectively.  She has worked as a speech-language pathologist  in various settings, including the Fairfax County Health Department in Fairfax, VA,  special education schools in Brooklyn, NY,  and Springfield, VA, as well as a private practice in Alexandria, VA.  After many years of working with the pediatric population, she decided to pursue her long time interest in accent modification to assist adults in communicating more effectively.  She completed the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language (PESL) course and became a certified accent modification consultant.  

How Accent Modification Can Help You

People throughout the world who speak English as a non-native language, and professionals and students who have adequate use of the English language, but would like to improve how they communicate using American English, would benefit from accent modification. Accent modification can help you have clear and effective communication skills, improve your professional and personal relationships, and improve your overall confidence when communicating. Are you finding that your clients, peers, and or co-workers are continuously asking you to repeat yourself because they are having difficulty understanding you? If so, then accent modification is right for you.  Your foreign or regional accent can have a significant impact on your career. Don't let that promotion pass you by! Improve your intelligibility! Click on the free screening button and let's get started!


7 Week Program
$900 (plus $100 for the lifetime subscription to the online practice portal)
Designed for those with mild foreign accents or regional American accents.

12 Week Program
$1400 (plus $100 for the lifetime subscription to the online practice portal)
Designed for individuals with strong foreign accents, individuals who want a personalized program, or those who wish to work towards a specific goal or project. 

Both programs include a full initial evaluation, a lifetime subscription to the online practice portal, individualized coaching sessions, and a reevaluation at the end of the course to track your progress. 

Please contact Accent Solutions via email or use the free screening link below if you are interested in learning more about this program.  Once your screening recordings are received, a free 30 minute phone or video conference consultation will be set up to discuss the findings and to determine which program may work best for you.  Options for the program include direct instruction via video conferencing or on site sessions, depending on your location in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. 

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